Residential property management


Being professional and weathered landlords, we know how to manage properties effectively. When you commission us to manage your rental property, you will not only forget all the hassles of being a landlord, but will also save money as our services are very competitively priced and you will avoid many expenses that landlord usually face.

If we do HMO management for you, our normal commission rate is 10 per cent. To find a tenant we charge 5 per cent. If you take this service from us you can be assured that all the tenants will be professionally referenced, rent is being paid on time and the whole property is kept in the right order. However, if there are any repairs needed to be done, you will be liable to pay for this, although we have access to cheaper tradesmen, so will save on these.gentleman

The other option is Rent Guarantee scheme, where we pay you fixed amount of money every month, not depending on whether there are any repairs due or void periods. Please contact us to arrange a viewing of your property to discuss this option. Usually we can pay almost the market rental price of the whole property.

For your peace of mind we can pay you rent in advance as a one-off payment at the beginning of our management agreement (3-6 months, depending on negotiations). We can take a property in any condition and make any necessary repairs before letting it.

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